Salmox is one of the most revered supreme beings of the Getae and Dacians in ancient Thrace — present day Bulgaria and Romania.

One of the ancient names of the Strandzha mountain located in the south-east Tharce was Salmydessus (Salmydessos, Salmidessos);

The same name was used for the coast-town of Salmydessus in ancient Thrace, on the Black Sea (Póntos Áxeinos, Pontus Euxinus, Euxine), about 60 miles (97 km) northwest from the entrance of the Bosporus.

The name Salmox comes from the Thracian Salmo-, preserving Pelasgian (Belasgian) phonetical specifics from the pre-Greek times.
Unsurprisingly, the form Salmo- is represented in the Greek mythology, as the name of the mythical king of Elis, Salmoneus

During Greek times, Salmo- was greekified into Zalmo- and Salmox became Zalmox—Zalmoxis.

The Greeks assimilated numerous Pelasgian, Phrygian and Thracian names.